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Course: Advanced process control (module TKP10, PhD-course KP8115)
For overview of the course: see at the end

Exam Date: Wednesday 03 Dec. 2014

------------ News 30 October 2014
Hei all students in the Advanced process Control (APC) course.

I hope you enjoyed the MPC lecture by Stig Strand from Statoil on Monday.

The alternative approach to MPC is to use “advanced” control structures (feedforward/decoupling/input restting=midranging) etc,
With a good engineer both approach work well! 

The alternative “advanced” approach will be covered by Krister Forsman next week:
Part 1 by Krister Forsman: Tuesday 04 Nov (9-10) in Aud. K5 
(This part is joint with the 4h year course and you may come at 8:15 to get a refresher of some theory). 
Part 2 by Krister Forsman: Thursday 06 Nov (12-13+) in K4-211.

PhD students in APC course: We will meet after Krister’s lecture on Thursday (at about 13:30) to discuss the self study part.

Note: everyone is welcome to all lectures!

-------------- News 23. oktober 2014 

To: 'Vladimiros L. Minasidis'; 'Adriaen Verheyleweghen'; 'Adrian Finvold'; 'Alexander Leguizamon Robayo'; 'Cansu Birgen'; Daniel Rohde; 'Fahad Matovu'; Jonatan Ralf Axel Klemets; 'Julian Straus'; 'Kristin Dalane'; 'Martin Bland'; 'Preben Tyvold'; Julian Straus; 'Simon Fuchs'; 'Trinne Witzøe'
Cc:; Stig Terje Strand
Subject: RE: Update for APC course

Hei students in module «advanced process control»

The guest lectures in the course will be as follows (NOTE the rooms).

Monday 27 Oct. 11-12, room K5-323: Stig Strand, Statoil on “MPC in Statoil”
Tuesday 04 Nov. 9-10, Aud. K5: Krister Forsman, Perstorp on “Industrial control structures in Perstorp”

Also other interested are welcome
See you!

---- News: 22 Sep 2014

Today (Monday 11-12) we had a lecture on TPM location.
We went through the slides course-tpm+reg up to about slide 40.
I was a bit unsure about the solution to "Problem 2: pressure and flow control in feed line".
Fortunately, what i told you was correct, but i have now included in the slides a more detailed explanation.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 23 Sep.) 12-13 there will be an Exercise session for Exercise 3 by Vlad.

Thursday 25 sep. we have the "normal" lecture 12-14.

----News: 04 Sep 2014:

Wed 4/9 12-15: Lecture 2: repeated course 1 + Went through most of course 2
Mon 8/9 17: Deadline Exercise 1
Thu 11/9 13: Help exercise 2
Wed 17/9 17: Deadline exercise 2
Thu 18/9 12: Lecture 3 (repeat course 2 + do TPM-part of course 3)

Lecture hours:  Thursday 12-15
Exercise hours: Monday 11-13

----News: 31 July 2014:

The first lecture and information meeting will be 

    Wedneday 20 August at 1415-1600 in room K4-205 (NOT Thursday).

There will be an introduction and we will discuss time and place for the rest of the term. 

More information:

You can start with Exercise 1 NOW (Problem 1). It gives you a good introduction!
Questions:  Vlad Minasidis ( (sits in K4-207)

You can also start reading the Chapter on "Economic plantwide control" from the book by Rangaiah and Kariwala (Editors) on Plantwide control. Recent Developments and Applications, Wiley, 2012:


If you have time, you may also start reading the three other papers that start with plantwide.. 
They are quite similar, but there are some differences and this is why i have included all four!

Do not hesitate to ask or send emails.
Welcome to the course!

-Sigurd Skogestad


Lectures 2014: To be decided
Students 2014:


Course overview:

This is a module (half a normal course) offered to the 5th year students at NTNU. 
It is taught every autumn, starting in late August.

1. Optimal operation (economics) and degrees of freedom
2. What should we control from an economic point of view? (including self-optimizing control)
3. Inventory control, including location of throughput manipulator
4. Base layer control (regulatory layer; stabilizing control)
5. Tuning of PID controllers
6. Multivariable control: Interactions, decentralized control, practical use of MPC



The lectures form the basis for two courses:

1. TKP10  Process Control, Advanced Course. Master specialization module  (3.75 EDU; must be taken together with another 3.75 EDU module to get full course)

2. KP8115 Advanced process control. PhD course (7.5 ECU)


1. TKP10  Process Control, Advanced Course (before 2009: TKP8 = TTK18) 

Prosessregulering, videregående kurs 
Process Control, Advanced Course 
Lecturer: Professor Sigurd Skogestad 
Credits: 3.75 Sp
Time: According to agreement
Examination aids: D Exercises: marks 
Learning outcome : The student should be able to design plantwide control system 
Content: Control structure design for complere chemical plants. 
Selection of controlled variables (self-optimizing control). 
Consistent inventory Control. 
Regulatory control. 
Tuning of PID controllers. 
Multivariable control. 
Decentralized control. 
RGA. Introduction to MPC. Use of dynamic simulators. 
Teaching activities: Lectures, computer simulation. exercises. 
Course material: Copies from scientific papers and books including Chapter 10 in Skoegstad and Postlethwaite, "Multivariable Feedback Control, Wiley, 2010
Exam: Oral


2. Ph.D. course KP 8115 - Advanced process control (7.5 ECU)
Lecturer: Sigurd Skogestad 

The Ph.D. course and the 5th year Master specilization ("emnemodul") have
an initial common part, but the Ph.D. course has additional topics and
a larger emphasis on theory.